Check-in for the camp is from 3 pm to 6 pm on Saturday. Please ensure that you leave enough time in advance to account for potential unexpected delays. Camp Wooten is quite isolated and is approximately 45 minutes traveling time from Dayton, Washington. The camp phone number is (509) 843-3708. There is NO cell phone reception at the camp.*

Beware internet mapping programs and GPS units! At best, you will get directions that take you to Camp Wooten over some highly scenic but unpaved roads. At worst, you will get a map to somewhere other than Camp Wooten! The shortest routes to Camp Wooten involve fairly steep grades on several of the higher mountain ridges in the area. Signage on these roads is minimal or nonexistent. There is little cell phone coverage in the area: you should NOT expect to rely on cell phone navigation systems that depend on cell tower triangulation.

Sheltering Branch Bahá'í School takes place at Camp Wooten Environmental Learning Center, which is part of the Washington State Parks system. The address for Camp Wooten State Park is 2711 Tucannon Rd, Pomeroy, WA 99347. You will continue past this address and past the KOA. Look out for a sign for Sheltering Branch Bahá'í School. If you go over the river you've gone too far.

Use the below map if traveling from Dayton.

If you are traveling from Seattle, Spokane, or Pullman, you do not drive through Dayton. 

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