Service Positions

(Adult only, one helper per meal.) Sign up to do this job once per day, every day. – $100 Discount off Tuition

Breakfast (5-8 A.M.) Sign Up! 
Lunch (10:30 A.M. – 2 P.M.) – Sign Up! 
Dinner (4-8 P.M.) – Sign Up! 

(Older children, Jr. youth, youth and adults, at least four helpers per meal) Sign up to do this job once per day, every day.

Breakfast Cleanup (need 3)  – Borhan, Tom, Lynn 
Breakfast Dishwashing (need 2) – Ben, Autumn
Lunch Setup – 4th – 5th Graders
Lunch Food Server (need 2)Joy, Ted 
Lunch Cleanup (need 5) – 7th Graders, Laura, Darius 
Lunch Dishwashing (need 2) – Steve, Beth 
Dinner Setup – 6th Graders
Dinner Food Server (need 2) – Sign Up!
Dinner Cleanup (need 5) – 8th Graders
Dinner Dishwashing (need 2) – Steven, Sign Up!
Dessert Server (need 2) – Anna, Rae
Dessert Dishwasher (need 2)Sign Up!
Late Night (9:30pm) Kitchen Clean Up (need 2) – Sign Up!

(Two monitors per meal.) This job is crucial to the health of the school! Sign up for either lunch or dinner for the week.

Monitor – Doug
Monitor – Carol
Monitor – Jolie
Monitor – Peter

(Youth or adults only, four men and four women.) Sign up to do this job once per day, every day.

Men’s Restroom/Showers Filled
Women’s Restroom/Showers Filled

(Adults only.) Sign up to do this job for the entire week.

The bell is rung at the 7 am wake-up time and throughout the day for devotions, classes and mealtimes. We need someone who is observant of time and is willing to accommodate all the children who will want to ring the bell!

Bell Ringer – Ed

Teaching Positions

Morning 1
Teacher – Brad
Assistant – Surprise 

Morning 2
Teacher – Brenda
Assistant – Haiping

Teacher – Jana
Assistant – Kassia

Morning 1
Teacher – Joline
Assistant – Selma

Morning 2
Teacher – Steve
Assistant – Cathy

Teacher – Bahia
Assistant – Stefany

Morning 1
Teacher – Ruth
Assistant – Virginia

Morning 2
Teacher – Heather
Assistant – Kevin

Teacher – Naisan
Assistant – Cherrill

Morning 1
Teacher – Annie
Assistant – Julia

Morning 2
Teacher – Ellen
Assistant – Naisan

Teacher – Sandra
Assistant – ViviAnne

Morning 1
Teacher – Josh
Assistant – Rebecca

Morning 2
Teacher – Josh
nt – Rebecca

Teacher – Erica
Assistant – Gareth

Recreation Service Positions

Create and schedule arts/crafts activities for afternoon recreation sessions.

Arts + Crafts Coordinator – Cheryl, Pat, Fatima & Petra

Must be a certified lifeguard. Split pool times between other guards throughout the week. – Detailed responsibilities will be given upon sign up.

Lifeguard Position – Isaac
Lifeguard Position – Brad
Lifeguard Position – Sign Up!

Program, stage manage and emcee the annual Thursday night extravaganza.

MC – Dan

Organize outdoor activities.

Sports Coordinator – Sign Up!

Sign up for a service or teaching position here!

Be sure to tell us what position and time slot you prefer.

Sign me up!

In accordance with the policy of the National Schools and Education Office all friends volunteering to work with minors will be pre-approved.