• Registration is on a first-come, first served basis and is currently full for Summer 2017. Any  Acceptance of camp registrations are subject to approval by the Sheltering Branch school committee.
  • June 15th is the registration deadline. Deposits are non-refundable after June 1, due to financial obligations of the camp. If you need to cancel, please notify us immediately.
  • All camp participants need to fill out a liability form. It is included on the registration form linked below.
  • In order to make this a fun and successful week, we need the cooperation of all campers. This is a volunteer-run camp and everyone has a chance to help out, whether with teaching, working in the kitchen, cabin clean-up, or bathroom duty. With all of us helping, it should be a fun and joyful camp!


  • There can only be a limited number of sponsored children at camp every year and registrations for sponsored children cannot be accepted after June 1st. Please contact the Chair regarding a child you would like to sponsor BEFORE that date to determine whether or not there is room for your sponsored child. Each child 18 and under must be sponsored by an adult aged 21 or over and considerably more mature than those they sponsor. A prior relationship is required. Sponsors should be of the same sex. Adults may sponsor no more than one child in addition to their own.
  • All sponsorships must be approved by the committee and a sponsorship agreement must be signed and returned before the sponsored child is considered registered.
  • Please note the special tuition rate which applies to all sponsored children. Sponsored children cannot be included in a ‘family’ rate.
  • Sponsored children will be sharing accommodations with their sponsor.


  • Families can arrange to share cabins if we are guaranteed 8 persons minimum, 12 maximum. Registration for these cabins should be sent in early to allow time to adjust arrangements. ALL parties must note on their registration the parties with whom they have made PRIOR arrangements for cabin sharing. If you desire to be in a cabin with particular person or group, we will try to accommodate the request as best we can.


  • Adults (25+)                            $250.00
  • Youth (15-24)/Senior (65+)   $225.00
  • Junior Youth 11-14                  $175.00
  • Child 6-10                                $135.00
  • Child 3-5                                  $115.00
  • Child 0-2                                  $100.00
  • Sponsored Child                      $195.00
  • Family Rate                             $725.00

Available Discounts     

  • Teacher discount                           $50.00
  • Teacher’s assistant discount        $20.00
  • Kitchen assistant discount           $100.00


JUNE 30 - July 6, 2018


Bringing a sponsored child? Make sure to fill out the Sponsorship Agreement Form and send it in with your registration packet.