Welcome to the Sheltering Branch Bahá’í School and the opportunity to experience Bahá’í community life. To help us maintain the spiritual atmosphere and better deepen our knowledge of the Baha’i teachings, we have a number of important rules and guidelines.

Over the years, the Schools Committee has had many discussions about what rules we need and why we need them. Some rules and regulations are mandated for us by the National Spiritual Assembly. Our own criteria for rules are 1) to protect the standards of the Faith, 2) concern for the safety of children and 3) courtesy to our teaching staff. We have eliminated any rules that do not meet these criteria.

Should any conflicts or problems arise, please contact the coordinator with a request to be put on the agenda for the next committee meeting. Everyone will have an opportunity to evaluate the facilities, classes and activities. Evaluation forms will be distributed on Thursday. Please use them to offer suggestions and ideas for future schools.

We thank you for your prayers and assistance in helping us to make the school a success.
– Sheltering Branch Bahá’í School Committee

Bahá’í standards are an integral part of Bahá’í life. The same standards prescribed for our individual daily lives become energized at Bahá’í school. Good judgment should always be used in matters pertaining to dress, cleanliness, language and personal behavior. Footwear is required throughout the camp and shirts are required in the dining hall. Please wear modest bathing suits (no bikinis or speedos).
Everyone should attend classes as scheduled. Special activities have been planned periodically during free time. Check the postings inside the dining hall.
Sheltering Branch is a CLOSED campus. Trails and woods are out-of-bounds except during scheduled activities. It is preferred that no one leave the school grounds for any reason. If you must leave, please consult with the school committee when you register for camp. If you need essentials from the store let the kitchen coordinator know so your item can be added to the general purchase list.
If a burn ban is in place there is absolutely no smoking on State Park grounds. If a burn ban in not in effect smoking is limited to designated areas only. Please – no smoking in or around any of the buildings or common areas.
Gum is strictly forbidden by the parks department, please do not chew gum while at camp.
Parents and sponsors are responsible for their charges at all times. Please instruct them immediately on the danger areas around the school (river, pond, woods, etc.). Parents, please ensure that your children go to their classes promptly and are in class when you are in class. This includes attendance during the evening program. Please pick-up children in grades 1 and under right after your class as a courtesy to the teachers.
Camp Wooten is a full hour from medical care. Please be aware that individuals who leave camp in an ambulance will not return to finish out the week at camp. Please note: If you find upon your arrival at camp that you have forgotten a critical medication or medical device (e.g. an Epi-Pen), you will be asked to go immediately to the nearest pharmacy to obtain the necessary item. Any accident that occurs during camp should be immediately to the school nurse. A word of caution:
Notification of class times will begin with a 5 minute warning bell. Another bell will ring when classes start and end.
Meal time is a great time for parents and children to exchange experiences and you are, therefore, requested to dine together (at least one meal per day!!). If you do not have your family at school — adopt one.
Because all sounds reverberate throughout the camp when you use the courts, there is NO basketball, roller-skating, blading or tennis before 7 AM, during quiet time or after 9PM.
The canoes will be available only during announced times. Children grades three and under must be accompanied by an adult. LIFE JACKETS MUST BE WORN BY EVERYONE IN THE CANOES (ADULTS AND CHILDREN). The pond is a balanced wildlife environment. ‘Abdu’l-Baha says,”…it is not only their fellow human beings that the beloved of God must treat with mercy and compassion, rather must they show forth the utmost loving-kindness to every living creature.” Please treat the wildlife with kindness and respect.
This is truly a cooperative school. Children are, of course, the responsibility of their parents or sponsor. Everyone is asked to relieve a parent or sponsor by taking a turn with a child. If you see a child in a dangerous situation (going to the pond, river, woods or pool without an adult) please stop them. It is our privilege to have children at the school and to give them the opportunity to experience extended family relationships and Bahá’í community life.
For health and safety reasons, the kitchen is absolutely off limits to everyone but the kitchen staff and daily work crew. DO NOT use the kitchen bathroom or go through the kitchen for any reason. If you have special dietary needs please let us know when you register.
The Parks Dept. is very strict about check-out time. We must be off campus by 12:00 and have the camp absolutely clean. We ask that everyone stay and help with clean-up. Besides the cabins, the Rec. Hall, Dining Hall, Kitchen, Bathrooms and Pool area must be thoroughly cleaned. Cabins must be inspected before you can leave the site. When you leave early it creates a hardship for everyone; if you must leave before camp closes, please ask what clean-up jobs you can do before you go. A work table will be set-up outside the Dining Hall on Friday for closing instructions and assignments.